Food abstention of prisoners in solidarity with the Revolutionary Struggle -Greece


Transated by  Act for freedom now/boubouras


The prisoners of the 2nd wing of Larissa prisons are as of today going on prison food abstention as a token of solidarity to the Revolutionary Struggle, in the frames of the international called by the assembly for the case of the R.S.

The announcement of the prisoners: As of today, November 22nd and for the next two days, until the 24th, we are going on a food abstention responding to the international call for the case of the R.S.

This move is a small token of solidarity to the members of the R.S. who are on trial but also the comrades who are prosecuted in the same case.




The prisoners of the 2nd wing:

Spiros Stratoulis, Rami Syrianos, Andre Mazourek, Errion Mustafa, Michail Ramadanoglou, Vaggelis Kalamaras, Michail Tzoumas, Christos Tsionaros, Makis Gerakis, Giannis Gelitsas, Aggelos Kostopoulos

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In the framework of the call for international solidarity and actions for the    Revolutionary Struggle and those persecuted in the same case

     (22-23-24/11/12), there will be gatherings of solidarity ancounter-information in both London UK and Copenhagen DK, on 24/11 by some anarchists in London and the comrades of 161, Denmark
Anarchists in London
 Anarchists in Denmark


 And the flyer on pdf we give out all this days 

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Japan: Solidarity event for the Revolutionary Struggle case in the IRA anarchist infoshop in Tokyo

Translated by contrainfo


A free event of international solidarity will take place on Saturday, November 24th, at 19.00pm (local time) in the anarchist infoshop Irregular Rhythm Asylum, which is located on 1-30-12-302 Shinjuku, in the special ward Shinjuku-ku ofTokyo, Japan.

A comrade from Switzerland, who is an active member of the Bremgarten Cultural Centre, will present the particular anarchist project at the formerly squatted KuZeB, thus opening the discussion.

This evening is a chance to get together and talk about the anarchist urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle as well as the current situation in Greece, in the context of the callout for international solidarity and action by theAthens solidarity assembly (contact mail: RScase[at]espiv[dot]net). Another topic of discussion may be the general strike against austerity that took place on November 14th in several southern European countries.

The main event is organized by Tokyo-based anarchists, who will read excerpts from proclamations of the Revolutionary Struggle group in Japanese. Furthermore, they will make a reference to the chronology of action against the State/Capital by the same group, and share information with the attendees about the trial sessions that have been held in the terror-court of Koridallos prisons so far.

Greek-speaking solidarians have already begun to translate several responsibility claims of the Revolutionary Struggle group into Japanese, in collaboration with Japanese-born comrades. This compilation of translated texts is expected to be finished by February 2013. The Irregular Rhythm Asylum will help in the printing of the edition.

When the discussion on 24/11 reaches an end, anarchist comrades intend to carry their banners and chant slogans in order to hold a demonstration to the Shinjuku Station, along with all people gathered in the infoshop. So, you are invited to participate in the event and then take to the streets.


Sources / Contact info: iiiiii — Map in both Japanese and English here.

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International Call for Solidarity for the case of the Revolutionary Struggle Radio action of solidarity from the Radio-zones of Subversive Expression – Athens

Translated by boubourAs act for free


For the upcoming International Call for Solidarity for the case of the R.O. Revolutionary Struggle, the Radio-zones of Subversive Expression will transmit the recorded two-day event “For the Struggle and Revolution” which was held in Pantio University on June 7-8th 2012 with comrades invited from all over Europe.

The transmission of the vent will take place Saturday and Sunday (24-25/11) at 20.00 and 15.00 respectively.

Radio-zones of Subversive Expression 98fm – 93.8fm

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INTERNATIONAL CALL FOR SOLIDARITY TO THE R.S. AND THOSE PERSECUTED IN THE SAME CASE In the frames of the call for international solidarity and actions for the Revolutionary Struggle and those persecuted in the same case (22-23-24/11), there will be in Thessaloniki

: 22/11: Solidarity gathering with a p.a. system at Aristotelous square at 13.00

23/11: Solidarity and benefit gig at the Viologiko steki biologica steki and initiative of comrades


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Act for freedom now/boubourAs
After two postponements (Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 17th), one because of an illness of the court secretary and one because of a lawyer strike, and with a two hour delay, because of the participation of the secretary in the strike of juridical employees, came the time for the terror-court to hear the defence witnesses of the six accused comrades, who from the first moment -without hiding their political opinions and positions, as well as their comrade and friendly relations with the three members of the R.S. and unforgettable Lambros Foundas- have refused their participation in the organization, beginning with the defence witnesses of Christophoros Kortesis.
Biologist Artemis Rubu, a professor in natural sciences, with doctorate studies in Zurich and years of research work in greek and foreign universities, gave an amazingly clear presentation about the identifications based on genetic material.
Her very simple and clear presentation was accompanied by big boards which explained what “researching the DNA and searching for identifications” means. The fact that she knows this specific scientific matter in depth, because of special studies and research work (“more than 10.000 samples have passed before my eyes” she characteristically mentioned), helped in the simplified presentation, to a point where there cannot be the slightest dispute to what she said.
A.Rubu stated that she was summoned by Kortesis defence team to study the reports in the indictment, together with the professor of Biochemistry of Patras University Mrs.Georgiou, specialized in statistic analysis, with whom she co-signed a relative report which has been added to the indictment. Her basic points were these: Although the CID (Criminology Investigation Directorate) defines what is a “sample”, in this case there was a total lack of these values of analysis. Samples were attributed to individuals which were not even from people! These consist a genetic type and not samples.
Thus, Kortesis is attributed with two “touch samples” which were taken with a scan of a bandanna and some wires found in his house. These samples are very small, while also it is not defined what cells they come from. These samples were taken from an environment with a high level of infection danger, as shown from the reports of the CID itself.
Although in the second “sample” does not define even the sex and there are 50% chances it belongs to woman, the CID identified these two samples and attributed them to a male individual, which they named X5! How was there an identification, when one sample is relatively complete, while the second is missing four “topoisomerases”, amongst which the “topoisomerases” of the sex, while the DEE demands that there is an identification of 15 “topoisomerases”
A.Rubu, without using demeaning comments, spoke in formal scientific language of a “methodological leap”. Then, the CID identifies “individual” X5 with 38 laboratory samples, which were taken from objects in houses of the RS and from Kortesis motorbike.
How do they make the identification? With the first or second sample of X5, since these two are not identified? Normally, all further research should have stopped, noted the witness. The three member scientific team, wanting to go further, committed the “mistake”, as A.Rubu characterized it, to check all comparisons, which was anti-scientifically carried out by the CID, using as a base the “sample” which was relatively complete. And what did it find? That based on statistical facts, which she presented, the specific DNA could belong to millions of people! The three researchers used a ready base of the FBI, which includes samples of 700 americans, and found that 31 of them are included in this “sample”! Why? Because it is a mixture as says Butler, an FBI criminologist, mixtures with more than DNAs are useless for research. In this case, they were all mixtures and from “touch samples”! In half of these mixtures the relatively complete sample is not included. As A.Rubu stated, however, she was shocked when she read the DEE report and saw that identifications were mentioned! She spoke of manipulation and false statement.
The three scientists asked, through the advocates, for the crude facts of the “laboratory” of the police, but they did not give them. From their experience however, they concluded that what is presented as relatively complete sample does not belong to an existing person, but is a product of a chemical reaction. Because, when there are small quantities of DNA, it increases the sensitivity of the method with which they research, they go out of the limits of tolerance and the result is that non existing facts appear.

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Italy – Solidarity with the Greek comrades on trial in the Revolutionary Struggle case

From :containfo:
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
 The trial against the organization ‘Revolutionary Struggle’ has been going on in Greece for more than a month, in the courtroom-bunker of the prison of Koridallos in Athens.
In recent months a movement of solidarity with the comrades on trial in Greece has developed in many countries.
In Greece an ‘Assembly for the Revolutionary Struggle case’ was formed, and it has organized demos and meetings with the presence of international delegates on the occasion of hearings.
The ‘Assembly for the Revolutionary Struggle case’ has launched an international appeal in order to promote mobilizations and initiatives in the days 22nd -23rd and 24th November, when the trial is about to come to an end, and express solidarity with the defendants on this trial.
According to the Greek comrades, these mobilizations and initiatives have also to be seen as moments of struggle and resistance.
CCCpsri (Costruzione Soccorso Rosso in Italia) consider the comrades’ proposal very interesting because we believe it is important to extend international class solidarity and make revolutionary trajectories taking place in Italy and other countries known, so as to learn from these experiences.
For this reason we are going to organize public initiatives in the next months, with the participation of comrades of the ‘Assembly for the Revolutionary Struggle case’, and to spread counter-information on the trial going on in Athens and on the development of the struggle in Greece.
We invite all comrades to organize themselves and promote talks and other initiatives.
 Comrades of Costruzione Soccorso Rosso in Italia
November 2012

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Cardiff – UK- Thursday 22nd November @ 7pm the Social centre Red and Black Umbrella will host a discussion about the armed group, Revolutionary Struggle in Greece.


Revolutionary Struggle Discussion

FROM: Red and black umbrella
 This Thursday 22nd November @ 7pm the Red and Black Umbrella will host a discussion about the armed group, Revolutionary Struggle in Greece. This will be a good opportunity to discuss armed struggle and it’s effects, how such groups are perceived by the state, the states reactions to such groups and a general overview of the Revolutionary Struggle cases so far.
For information on Revolutionary Struggle see here:
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Political letter to society by Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis, Kostas Gournas 29 April 2010 and responsible for the following attacks, all in Athens

We undertake political responsibility for our participation in Revolutionary Struggle [Epanastatikos Agonas]. We declare that comrade Lambros Foundas, who died in Dafni on 10 March 2010 after a battle with the police, also participated in Revolutionary Struggle. The battle was part of the subversive project decided on collectively by Revolutionary Struggle. It was a battle for revolution and freedom.

We also declare that we are very proud of our Revolutionary Struggle organization. We are proud of our history and of each moment of our political activity. We are proud of our comrade, whom we honor and will always honor.
And if the mechanisms of repression believe that imprisoning us will finish us off politically, they are wrong. Whether inside or outside prison, for us the struggle is and will continue to be a question of honor and dignity.
And if the terrorists Papandreou and Chrysohoidis are laughing (in vain) about our arrests; if they believe they have thus guaranteed the necessary security for their social-fascist party to easily continue imposing their criminal projects on society, wagging their tails to please their American masters; if they are hoping they have eliminated a serious threat to their regime, we assure them that it will not be so easy to get rid of us.
While we live and breathe, we will do everything possible to cause trouble for their antisocial, criminal projects.

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Dark Nights #28 : ‘Statement of Jean Weir to the terror-court of Korydallos – Revolutionary Struggle Case’ – Nov 2012 (ACN)

Dark Nights is an international anarchist & anti-prison publication of resistance reports and repression news ready to print out and distribute on the fly.

Click to Download: Dark Nights #28

1. Statement of Jean Weir to the terror-court of Korydallos.
2. Call for solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle Nov 22-24.
3. RS. Trial Session 6/9/2012 with Dimitris Koufodinas of 17 November (17N).
4. Other news from around the world…

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