325  – Anti-Prison Autonomy Insurrection

Act For Freedom Now! – Greek resistance and repression news, prisoners letters + more.

Cardiff Anarchist Black Cross (ABC)

Supporting prisoners of the social war

War on Society – USA comrades publish their news plus present important translations from Europe and South America.

Leeds Anarchist Black Cross – supporting prisoners in struggle

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross

Elephant Editions – anarchist-insurrectionary publishing

Contra-Info – international subversive news from Athens based collective

Anarchist News – piss taking yank news site


Multi-language radical news and reportage. The editors are a target ofOperation Ardire in Italy.Constantly updated and easy to read multi-language anarchist and anti-authoritarian news and reportage. Culmine was the name of the newspaper of Severino Di Giovanni, (Italian anarchist living in Argentina, 1901-1931) which advocated direct action and propaganda of the deed.

Direct Action News from Germany
‘Direct action news’ is an attempt to cover, publicise and translate any reported direct action from Germany apart from the mass-media mediation game. It aims to provide an open database and resource system about any confrontational direct action against State and Capital, or against its various agents.

‘Counter-information for the struggle against repression’. Well-maintained and regularly updated website covering anti-prison, animal liberation, anti-authoritarian and ecological issues. (Italian Language)

Liberacion Total
Latin American and Spanish language web-portal for anti-capitalist, environmental, anti-authoritarian/anarchist news and reportage.

Suie & Cendres
Social war in Belgium. English and French Language

Social and daily war news from France. Anti-Jail. For a solidarity network.

Angry News From Around The World
Rebellion and insurrection from around the globe, translated from different languages.

Publicacion Refractario
Anti-authoritarian publication against the prison system.

Sosyal Savas
Turkish insurrectionary blog

Latin American insurgent website. “The core, however, of this site is the popular and proletariat sector that not only use the site to post the perspective of those that fight, but also, as members of a class that lives under exploitation and domination, we attempt to make visible a reality where individuals exist that fight and produce ideas for practice under the premise that capitalism is the obstacle in the way of destroying their misery”. (Spanish Language)

This is Our Job

Confrontation in Translation – Insurrectional news, communiques and reports from the Spanish-speaking world, translated by the ‘This is Our Job’ posse into English.

Berlin Anarchist Black Cross

The Berlin collective of the ABC network (Germany). (German Language)

Digital Elephant
Elephant Editions digital laboratory – Workspace of Elephant Editions.

Fire to the Prisons
US based anarchist magazine focusing on animal/earth liberation, native resistance, prison struggle and a whole lot more.


French anarchist paper and website, with some few precious translations of the situation in France and elsewhere. Critical and thoughtful publication with a beautiful design and outlook.

Zine Library

Anarchist Zine project with over 400 zines to print out and distribute – ‘The Largest Online Zine Collection in the Whole World