Italy – Solidarity with the Greek comrades on trial in the Revolutionary Struggle case

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 The trial against the organization ‘Revolutionary Struggle’ has been going on in Greece for more than a month, in the courtroom-bunker of the prison of Koridallos in Athens.
In recent months a movement of solidarity with the comrades on trial in Greece has developed in many countries.
In Greece an ‘Assembly for the Revolutionary Struggle case’ was formed, and it has organized demos and meetings with the presence of international delegates on the occasion of hearings.
The ‘Assembly for the Revolutionary Struggle case’ has launched an international appeal in order to promote mobilizations and initiatives in the days 22nd -23rd and 24th November, when the trial is about to come to an end, and express solidarity with the defendants on this trial.
According to the Greek comrades, these mobilizations and initiatives have also to be seen as moments of struggle and resistance.
CCCpsri (Costruzione Soccorso Rosso in Italia) consider the comrades’ proposal very interesting because we believe it is important to extend international class solidarity and make revolutionary trajectories taking place in Italy and other countries known, so as to learn from these experiences.
For this reason we are going to organize public initiatives in the next months, with the participation of comrades of the ‘Assembly for the Revolutionary Struggle case’, and to spread counter-information on the trial going on in Athens and on the development of the struggle in Greece.
We invite all comrades to organize themselves and promote talks and other initiatives.
 Comrades of Costruzione Soccorso Rosso in Italia
November 2012

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